Franz Haas, Manna 750ml法兰兹哈丝酒庄玛娜白葡萄酒


Franz Haas is not just a winery, it is not just a brand. Franz Haas is a man, a family who has been producing wine for seven generations, and for seven generations has put into its wines the same philosophy of life: the constant and endless pursuit of perfection. Each Franz Haas with his own touch and style.. 
According to Franz Haas, science and calculations are indeed necessary to obtain superb wines, but it is love, passion, and determination that are essential to give them character and complexity.
It takes art, the one you have in your blood, a loving creative genius, like the one of Franz Haas VII, who today leads the winery with his team.
Franz Haas不仅仅是一家酒庄,也不仅仅是一个品牌。 Franz Haas是一个人,一个七代人都在生产葡萄酒的家族,七代人将同样的人生哲学融入到他的葡萄酒中:对完美永无止境的追求。 每个Franz Haas都有自己的风格和特色。根据Franz Haas的说法,科学和计算确实是获得一流葡萄酒的重要条件,但爱、激情和决心是赋予它们个性和复杂性的必要条件。它需要艺术,你的血液中所拥有的,一个充满爱心的创意天才,就像今天带领着他的团队领导酒庄的Franz Haas七世一样。

Franz Haas, Manna 750ml法兰兹哈丝酒庄玛娜白葡萄酒

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